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What can translatortips.com do for you as a translator or linguist?

This site is here to enhance and improve the lives of translators and those who would like to be translators. The slogan says it all really - helping translators do better business. We are here to help you do better in your translation business.

One of the best ways we help translators is with our free ezine tranfree which has > subscribers from all over the world. We've been publishing tranfree since 1999 (although we had a break for a while).

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tranfree comes out roughly once a month and is edited by Alex Eames. If you're not convinced yet, check out what other people say about tranfree by clicking here


What does "helping translators do better business" mean?

helping translators do better business covers a very large area of activities and includes helping you to...

  • get started as a freelance translator
  • market yourself more effectively
  • understand what your customers want from you
  • realise why they want these things
  • understand what potential customers are looking for in a language translator
  • find ways to increase your value to customers
  • increase your commercial awareness
  • grow your translation service business in the best possible way
  • keep your existing customers happy so they always come back
  • survive in the business world
  • realise what is profitable and what is unprofitable work and how to get rid of unprofitable work
  • protect yourself against legal liabilities
  • protect yourself against other disastrous events which can and do happen
  • communicate better with your customers and potential customers
  • make an excellent profit by being honest and ethical
  • know what you should never do when marketing to translation agencies
  • know exactly how you should approach translation agencies
  • write a really effective marketing letter maximising the strength of your offer
  • keep irrelevant information out of your CV or Résumé
  • know the 2 things you should never do when working with translation agencies
  • know when is the best time to phone an agency and when you absolutely shouldn't call
  • increase your productivity so you can earn more
  • learn how to conduct an effective email translator job application campaign
  • improve the success rate of your letter/CV/Résumé
  • find sources of translation work & translation jobs
  • find online translator resources

How can we help you with all that?

Using the various resources available throughout this site we can help you establish and/or develop your translation business...


  1. Alex will share all his hard-learned secrets with you. You will not believe how simple and easy some of the ideas are. There really is nothing particularly difficult about building a fantastically profitable translation business. It makes no difference if you are a Spanish, French, German, Japanese or any other language translator.

    All you need is determination to succeed and the belief that you will succeed. We cannot give you determination, you either have that or you don't! We can help you to see exactly how we have become successful. When you do see how, you will realise that you can do it too. We hope this will then give you the self-belief you need to succeed.

  2. 3rd Edition of "How To Earn..."
    freelance translator eBook

    Freelance Translators,
    Click here for details

  3. There's a FREE monthly(ish) email newsletter (the largest ezine of its kind) tranfree (> subscribers, ISSN 1470-3866). We strongly recommend you subscribe. It contains some great information with articles written by senior staff from translation agencies and successful freelance translators...

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    tranfree has grown from launch in March 1999 to be one of the largest publications in the world for translators and the...
    "voice of the independent translator."
    Can subscribers be wrong?


  1. There's a FREE Special Report...

    "Customers - Make Life Easy for Them
    and They'll Stay With YOU"

    ...which you really need to read - download it FREE here


  3. The most comprehensive resource available here at translatortips.com is Alex's eBook which will help you with all of the above and a lot more...

    Business Success for
    Freelance Translators

  4. If you already earn $80,000 or more per year from freelance translating then this eBook is not for you, but you might be interested in...

    tranmail List of 1,746+ translation agencies around the world

    ...as a marketing tool. Some people have had excellent results and earned thousands as a result of using tranmail.

    But don't take our word for it, you can find out what tranmail users had to say about it at the tranmail page.


  6. translatortips® forums - Come and get some help with your translation business questions. A forum that actually helps. Click here to come and see for yourself

  8. Also, there is the translatortips® Affiliate Program. If you like what we're doing here at translatortips.com and would like to help spread the word, and share in the benefits, please visit this page.

  10. Lastly, if you are interested in advertising in tranfree or on the translatortips® group of sites and getting your message to more than translators around the world, please visit our advertising information section.

Most importantly of all, I hope you enjoy the site, which is rapidly growing into one of the most popular sites on the net for translators.

If you have any suggestions, queries or comments please post a message on the translatortips® forums.

Enjoy and benefit from translatortips.com...

Alex Eames
founder translatortips.com
editor & author of...
How to Earn $80,000+ per year as a Freelance Translators

Business Success for Freelance Translators


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