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Our Goal in Advertising is Win-Win-Win

Our goal in selling advertising space in tranfree is to provide a valuable service to both advertiser and the readers by matching up suitable producers of goods and services with our target audience. The approximate demographics are...

95% independent freelance translators from all over the world reflecting global internet usage
5% translation company workers and other translation professionals

Interested? Email us at... discuss your needs.

We work with advertisers to do everything reasonably possible to maximize the success of your campaigns. Ezine advertising is relatively new, and it is highly effective for promoting any kind of online activity. Having recently been a buyer of advertising in "paper-based" magazines we saw how...

  • scandalously low the response rates are in such media
  • the sellers of ads in these publications only want your money
  • they do not guarantee placement in any particular location unless you cough up a heavy premium fee, or buy the most expensive slots
  • they really are not very helpful or interested in you succeeding at all


The Magazine Brigade are Complacent

Do you know that one well-known UK translation industry association sells ad space on their journal web page for around 100 GBP per month and that page gets only a couple of hundred visitors per month? That's a whopping 50 pence (80 cents) per view of your ad - ouch - very poor value! Or 5 ($8) per click-through if you write a red hot ad! You'll get better results with a self-written promotional plug in their forums - and that is free! How do we know this? - been there - done that!


We Want Your Advertising to Succeed

Why? Because we want you to advertise with us again in the future. We want you to be delighted with your results so that you tell other advertisers about us. It's good old-fashioned business sense to look after your customers! It's the kind of advice we give out in tranfree to our readers. We try as hard as possible to practice what we preach!

If we think your offer would not appeal to our audience we will tell you! We won't just take the money and run. In the long-term it would do our credibility more harm than good.


Ideal uses of tranfree advertising

  • translator recruitment (both freelance and in-house)
  • promotion of relevant products and services to translators
  • promotion of your web site or online service
  • announcement of your relevant event

If you are promoting anything on the web, advertising in magazines gives a hopelessly low response rate. But if you advertise your online promotion or site in an ezine, when the subscriber reads it they are already sitting at their computer -- mouse at the ready to click on your link! No wonder the response rates can be so high for ezine advertising!

Interested? Email us at... discuss your needs.


Advertising Policy

tranfree has built up its solid subscriber base by a strict policy of high quality content and no irrelevant advertising. Therefore only relevant advertising is permitted. i.e. only advertising pertinent to translation/translators or general business related advertisements are invited. tranfree will not advertise "get-rich quick" schemes or multi-level marketing of any kind.


What Will Our Ad Look Like?

The best way to see up-to-date examples of what people are currently advertising is to subscribe (you can automatically unsubscribe at any time -- the instructions are at the top of every edition). The current edition will be emailed to you, and you will see the ads in it.

Free ezine for translators - tranfree - ISSN 1470-3866

type email address and click 'subscribe'

Here's a couple of examples from previous advertisers...

Save $500 on TRADOS Freelance Edition 3
Translation is moving to the Web and we invite you to move with
us. Join the new online community for TRADOS translation
professionals and showcase your skills, qualifications and
experience in the translationzone directory.
TranslationZone is a free service that includes many valuable

Save $500
To celebrate this move we are offering TRADOS Freelance Edition 3
for an unbelievable price of $495 exclusively when you register

Take advantage of this offer - visit now!


**********************Translators Wanted!************************
Log into and
advertise your services to hundreds of customers now seeking
translators! You'll be eligible for Uniscape jobs and have the
opportunity to use our Translator Studio software for free.
Complete your profile by May 15 & you may win our $10,000 drawing


What Do Advertisers Say about tranfree advertising?

The second ad above (Uniscape) was sent to 6,700 subscribers in tranfree 13 on 15th April 2000.

10 days later Rachelle Acuña of Uniscape wrote to us...

At 10:37 24-04-00 -0700, Rachelle wrote to us...

"We've had about 250 sign-ups since your latest edition of tranfree.

Thanks again for everything,

Best regards,


Rachelle Acuña-Narvaez
Vendor Services Rep * Uniscape, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Needless to say Uniscape advertised again in edition 14 and were similarly delighted with their results.

But we're delighted to say that there are others too. advertised in the July 2000 edition of tranfree. This was their ad, which reached 8,600 translators around the world...

Did you know that the tongue of a blue whale is as long as an
elephant? In 1958, IBM forecast a world market for only 5
computers. Alexander Graham Bell never telephoned his wife or
mother! Translate interesting didyouknow stories into your home
language. Get 50% commission now plus stock options in future.
See the Language Affiliate Programme at

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:10:50 we got this email from Jimmy Alison at

"Hi Alex

The response has been excellent. Absolutely marvellous.
In fact, the applications for our affiliate programme are
still rolling in.

We are impressed with the qualifications and experience of the
tranfree subscribers who contacted us thus far.

Jimmy Alison"

Then advertised again in the August 2000 tranfree edition (9,200 subscribers).

When Phil wrote to Jimmy to ask for permission to quote his email, he replied...

Hi Phil

You're welcome to quote how happy we were with the service.

But please don't place another invitation from us!
Our ad in tranfree worked so well that we had to halt the
Spanish applications and are, simply, still overwhelmed with
the work - even after appointing another person to help out.

Once we catch up with all the "translators" work (our
language affiliates) we plan to place ads again.

Jimmy Alison"

...and then of course there's Trados, who are a long-term advertiser in tranfree. One of their ads is in the examples at the top.

On the strength of Trados' success with tranfree ezine advertising, their Channel Development Manager also encouraged another major translators web site to start their own email ezine (but it's not very good and only goes out once every few months).

Interested? Email us at... discuss your tranfree advertising requirements.


Editorial Control

translatortips® reserve the right to include an advertisement or not at our sole discretion. We will not unreasonably refuse one, but we will not advertise something which may reduce tranfree's or translatortips® credibility or standing in the translator community.


Independent Subscriber Number Audit

You can verify the tranfree circulation figures by sending an email to and we'll send you verification of current subscriber numbers from our ezine distribution service.



tranfree goes out on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. To guarantee your ad placement please be sure to send us your payment and ad copy by the Wednesday before publication date.


Payment for Advertising

Ezine advertising being as it is, the payment policy is "cleared funds in the bank" strictly in advance.

We have now moved over to a fixed price ad package, which will most likely stay the same until we reach 30,000 readers.

Interested? Email us at... discuss your needs.


Advertising Rates for tranfree

There are currently > subscribers from all over the world. This is rising all the time at a rate of ~40-50 new subscribers or more per day.

Cost per tranfree advertisement

5 lines * 65 characters £250 GBP (~$375 USD)
8 lines * 65 characters £300 GBP (~$450 USD)
Minimum tranfree sponsorship advertising slot size is 5 lines.

2 line slots can be purchased which are bunched together at the end of the tranfree edition, but they are much less effective.


Discount for 6-month slots

If you purchase 6 consecutive months of advertising slots at once you will get a 20% discount.

Interested? Email us at... discuss your needs.



By advertising in tranfree you agree not to sell or give away the email addresses and personal details of tranfree readers who subsequently become your customers or contacts.

Individual tranfree subscriber data will not be made available to advertisers under any circumstances whatsoever.

We hope you found all the information you needed on this page. If you would like to contact us about advertising in tranfree, please send us an email at...

...or phone us on + 44 (0) 1869 243476

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