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What is a Sponsored Link?

It is a low-cost way to get exposure on
This enables you to get your link in front of >30,000 unique visitors per month. Your link will be displayed around 100,000 times during this time.


Who Are Sponsored Links For?

We launched these sponsored links for anyone who wants an advertising presence on the site that cannot afford a more sophisticated advertising program.

If you do have the budget, the following advertising options will bring you a greater overall return...

...sponsored links provide a budget solution for the smaller business.


What Does a Sponsored Link Look Like?

The following example shows what sponsored links look like (these links are not active but they look exactly like the real ones will)...

Sponsored Links Advertise Here
12345678901 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345
translators Spanish-English translators wanted for 50k words project
CAT discount 30% discount on computer aided translation tools
agencies click here for a list of 10,000 translation agencies

This table of no more than 6 sponsored links will go at the footer of every page, except for a couple of our pages which do not carry advertising.


How Much Text Can I Have?

You will get...

The row with just numbers, shows the maximum size available.

keyword and description


What Results Will I Get?

We have 4 months of data that clearly shows that the links we've been running get approximately 600 clicks a month. The precise number will be determined by the text of your ad. There are no guarantees of traffic numbers, but the cost per lead is excellent compared with other forms of advertising.


How Much Does it Cost?

£300 GBP per calendar month for a standard sponsored link or
£400 GBP for a bolded one. (Spanish-English example above is bolded)

If you book and pay for three months together (they don't have to be consecutive) you receive a 10% discount.

Orders originating from within the EU or UK are subject to VAT at 17.5%.


How is the Placement Order Determined?

  1. Bolded Sponsored Links will appear first
  2. Regular advertisers will receive higher placement than new advertisers. If you order more than one month at a time your link will gain greater priority. If you have previously advertised with you will also gain priority.
  3. Remaining Sponsored Links will be placed at our discretion


Tracking and Reporting?

All links will be tracked using our tracking software and you will get a report of the total number of clicks your link received at the end of each month. Our script tracks outgoing clicks from our site only. It cannot distinguish between full and partial downloads of your site. So you should expect our figures to be slightly different from yours, depending on how you track your traffic.


What Are the Payment Terms?

Payment is made in advance (standard in the advertising industry). We accept credit cards, bank transfers and cheques drawn on a UK bank. Upon receipt of cleared funds in our account we will place your sponsored link.


I'm Interested - How Do I Place a Sponsored Link?

Just complete all the fields in this form and click the send query button at the bottom. We will send you an email or contact you by phone within the next couple of days.

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