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translatortips® 2-line Ads

What is a 2-line Ad??

It is a low-cost way to get exposure in tranfree the ezine (electronic newsletter) which reaches > translation professionals twice monthly.


Who Are 2-line Ads For?

We launched these 2-line ads for anyone who wants to advertise in tranfree but cannot afford a more advanced advertising program.

If you do have the budget, the following advertising options will bring you a greater overall return...

...2-line ads provide a budget solution for the smaller business.


What Does a 2-line Ad Look Like?

The following example shows what 2-line ads look like...

Improve your translation business - eBook for translators.


Sell Your Translation Services on the web

This table of no more than six 2-line ads will be at the bottom of every tranfree edition that you choose to advertise in.


How Much Text Can I Have?

You will get... 65 characters width and 2 lines height tranfree goes out by email and is formatted to 65 characters wide.

Your lines, including link url must fit in these two text boxes...


How Much Does it Cost?

£100 GBP per tranfree edition (distribution is twice monthly).

If you book and pay for three editions together you receive a 10% discount.

Orders originating from within the EU or UK are subject to VAT at 17.5%.


How is the Placement Order Determined?

  1. Regular advertisers will receive higher placement than new advertisers. If you order more than one edition at a time your link will gain greater priority. If you have previously advertised with you will also gain priority.
  2. Remaining 2-line ads will be placed in order of receipt of payment


What Are the Payment Terms?

Payment is made in advance (standard in the advertising industry). We accept bank transfers and cheques drawn on a UK bank. Upon receipt of cleared funds in our account we will place your 2-line ad in tranfree


I'm Interested - How Do I Place a 2-line ad?

Just complete all the fields in this form and click the send query button at the bottom. We will send you an email or contact you by phone within the next couple of days.

First Name:    
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E-Mail Address:    
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First Line max. 65 characters:


Second Line max. 65 characters:


How many tranfree editions do you want this ad to run for?


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