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tranmail email address list


Please note that tranmail is rather out of date, so it is probably advisable for you not to buy it.

About half the addresses currently contained in it are invalid.

I am reviewing whether to update it or kill off the product, which is why it is still available.


July 2004
update version 4
bundled with email merge software
and 36 page ebook


Translation agencies around the world are waiting to hear from you! As a translator you can apply for work at 1,746+ agencies using tranmail.
Email applications to translation agencies are often neglected by translators - this is a mistake! If you do it right, an email application campaign can be even more effective than a mail campaign with these advantages...

  • It's a lot cheaper to target translation agencies all over the world
  • It's a lot quicker than printing and signing letters, stuffing envelopes and licking stamps
  • Do it all from the comfort of your own home - you don't even have to go out to mail letters
  • You can test out different approaches - different styles of email, different CV/Résumé and discover which works best - all at very low cost and risk to you
  • Your data can be searched electronically for keywords, which is not possible of a letter in a filing cabinet

translation agencies, there are
1,800+ in tranmail

When you download the tranmail files you will also get a full explanation of how to use the list, complete with a 36 page ebook of tips and techniques to get the best out of it, including how to...

  • make sure your email actually arrives
  • maximize your responses
  • make sure your email is read and not deleted
  • check out clients before accepting work
  • avoid the common email application mistakes most people make
  • personalize your emails effortlessly
  • protect your email account
  • avoid your emails being deleted as spam
  • understand email bounces and error codes
  • ensure you comply with new EU & US anti-spam legislation
  • write an email that gets the results you want


  • What sort of attachments you should and shouldn't send
  • What information agencies want to see in your emails
  • A model email application letter that got me a >20% response
  • The best way to use your email software with tranmail
  • 3 things you should never do when emailing potential clients

This is what the tranmail database looks like. tranmail is available in Excel or plain text formats...

Translation Agency Name




ABCXYZ Translations


You could spend many weeks of your time searching around the web looking for agencies to write to, compiling a list of email addresses for yourself, or you could download tranmail right now and concentrate your efforts on the content of your email marketing campaign instead. Using our guidelines, tranmail will save you time and get you results.


What kind of response can I expect?

Here's a copy of an email I got from Martin Robinshaw a couple of days after he bought tranmail

    Hi Alex,

    Nice list, and well worth the price.

    Just look at these response rates:

    540 messages sent with 'e-merge' a Mac based mail-merge program and, despite the little return-address hiccup I made, I got 100 replies within 24 hours.

    A fat 18.5% response that would make any direct marketer's heart bleed with envy - use it on your site if you like.

    Keep up the good work.

    Martin Robinshaw - English --> German translator based in Germany

I received this email from Paul Machin (French, Spanish & Italian to English)

    Dear Alex

    I thought you might like to know that after only sending out about 100 e-mails to the tranmail list I have already landed a £1000 job from XXXXXXX in Brussels!

    My response rate has been about 15% so far and I am delighted.

    Many thanks for Tranmail

    Best regards

    Paul Machin

Then I got the following email from Andrei Gerasimov:

    Dear Alex,

    I am so happy that I bought the tranmail database even though at first I was interested only in Canadian agencies. Thanks to you I found an excellent JAPANESE agency working exactly in my field. Thank you again for your very important work.

    Best wishes Andrei Gerasimov, Moscow

Naturally I asked Andrei if I could use his email on the site with a link to his website and he replied:


    Of course you may use it. Hello to you from our mutual pen-friend and colleague Lisa Alesci of USA. She says you are a great guy, as if I did not know it myself :-). As to a link to my homepage - I have created one two weeks ago but I've been so busy translating for XXX of Surrey at the moment (thanks to you & tranmail) that I've had no time to launch it on the Web - I'll do it in the near future and send you my URL.

    I wish you all success that you undoubtedly deserve.
    Andrei Gerasimov, Moscow

Further customer testimonials are available here

How much does it cost?

tranmail is currently available for the reduced price of £50/~$91. We have recently (2004) completely revamped the list and removed several hundred entries that no longer wanted freelance translator emails. Because we've added less than we've removed, the product is a little smaller than previously. So the current price (down to £50 from £60) reflects the reduced numbers.

But it won't stay this way for more than a couple of months. Because the product is growing, it will be necessary to raise the price within the next couple of months, but you can lock into today's price by buying tranmail right now at £50/~$91. Click here to go to ordering options!


Good Value

This is astonishingly good value - if you get just one small translation job as a result of buying tranmail it will pay for itself immediately. If you pay for your internet access phone calls it would cost you more than this in phone charges to try and collect this many email addresses for yourself.


Good Quality List

tranmail is the original and best of this type of product. We've been in this business for 5 years and people say good things about us and our list. Go to and do a search on tranmail and see what they say.

We have deliberately made this list to be a quality product that gets results. We have been biased against agencies in far eastern and eastern european countries, where the local cost of labor is so cheap that applying to them would be a waste of your time. They simply would not afford to pay you decent rates. So we don't include them. If you're not convinced of the quality of tranmail...

click here to see what others say about it


All that time saved!

To be successful in the translation business you need to spend your time building relationships with your clients and potential clients. is here to help you with exactly that - to help you do better business. For £50 you will save weeks of your time when you could earn it back within a couple of hours of translation work.


FREE bonus 1

If you order tranmail right now, I'll give you a FREE copy of FletMail along with tranmail. FletMail is a small program which you can use to personalize your emails and send them out in large numbers. The emails look as if you have spent time writing individually to each agency. This gives you a much better chance of having a successful promotional campaign than if you just send an impersonal email to each agency. I use this technique myself - let me tell you it works fantastically well.


FREE bonus 2 NEW

With the launch of tranmail version 4 and the feedback we received from many agencies, we decided to create another new list of agencies that prefer to receive translator applications using their own online web forms. This list has a further 55 entries.

Sure, it takes a little more time to apply, but if the companies want to be contacted through their forms and you're willing to meet them on their terms, likely as not you will have a good chance of being selected for translation work. Others will not bother. Think about it. This is a useful list in itself. I'm quite tempted to market it as a standalone product.

Guaranteed Response Rate

Because I am so confident in tranmail I am prepared to guarantee the performance. If you do not get at least 7% responses from the list I will take a look at your email and tell you why. If you follow the guidelines in the tranmail ebook, you will beat this figure, or I'll help you until you do! Of course responses doesn't always equal immediate work, but if you can get registered with lots of translation agencies, the work will inevitably follow.

Money-back Guarantee

If tranmail does not pay for itself within 12 months of your purchase, I will give you your money back. So you have complete peace of mind about your investment in your business.


Order tranmail now using the and you can start using it within an hour.

Ordering options - all require a major credit card except No. 4:

  • Click the Order button to order using our Secure Server order page which uses the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and world-class encryption technology. This is as safe or safer than giving your card details by phone or fax. Your card details are entered directly onto the secure server, approved in real time and an email is immediately and automatically sent to you with your tranmail password. At the same time you will be transported to the tranmail download page where you can download the tranmail files.

If you want to get hold of tranmail list of translation agencies and start building new business relationships right now I suggest you order using our and you can start using tranmail within an hour.

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